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Grow your business thru text message marketing.

Launch your text message marketing campaign and start reaching your customers with a 98% open rate.


Step 1 – Learn

Know the Facts

Why Text Message Marketing Works.

On an average day, consumers check their text messages more than any other app on their phones. In 2022, 70% of consumers opted in to receive texts from businesses. 61% of consumers say they want the ability to text a business back. In 2022, 55% of businesses text their customers. Text message marketing offers unmatched benefits, including direct and instant communication with customers, allowing for timely promotions, updates, and personalized offers. It boasts high open rates at 98% and quick responsive engagement levels, enabling businesses to reach a wide audience effectively and efficiently.

  1. 1 in 3 consumers checks their text notifications within one minute of receiving a text.
  2. 70% of consumers opt in to receive texts from businesses.
  3. 51% of consumers reply to a text message within 1-2 minutes.
  4. 44% of Gen Z consumers check their text notifications within one minute of receiving a text
  5. The majority of businesses report SMS click-through rates between 20 and 35%.
  6. 60% of business owners who text their customers plan on increasing their SMS marketing budget in 2022.
  7. On the whole, consumers are most likely to receive texts from businesses in the e-commerce and retail space (52%), followed by healthcare (49%), banking/finance (47%), and travel (26%).


Step 2 – Earn

Let’s Do This!

Makes sense doesn’t it?  Let’s get you setup.

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