Do More Good With Nonprofit Digital Marketing

When you choose to implement digital marketing for nonprofits, the first thing you need is a plan. We help you develop just that. Your custom plan will hold the details and specifics of your platform’s growth strategy while still promoting and maintaining the vision your organization has.

Social Media Growth

We offer both full-service social media management and advertising services for nonprofits. Our agency will help you attract more donors for your nonprofit and generate more awareness using social media. You will develop a strong following through informative content, visual representation of your cause, daily engagement, and follower interaction. We promote what makes you great and capture the attention of potential participants and donors. NONPROFIT SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

PPC & Google Ads

Pay-per-click search ads are one of the most useful forms of digital marketing for nonprofits. These ads highlight the purpose of your efforts, utilization of donations, and your organization’s contact information for potential donors or volunteers searching for ways to help a good cause. We also retarget interested people who have visited your website with ads that are visually attention-grabbing and represent your cause in the most positive light. PPC (PAY-PER-CLICK) FOR NONPROFITS

Email Newsletters

Through our email marketing services we keep current donors and volunteers informed of your progress in meeting donation goals and continue to nurture leads into donors through email marketing. When dealing with a cause close to people’s hearts and asking for donations with no monetary return, it is best to use a personalized approach. We offer these personalization features and more that will take your email marketing to the next level. NONPROFIT EMAIL MARKETING

Website Design 

Your website is quite possibly the first level of interaction you may have with a potential donor or volunteer. Start building their trust and capturing donations with a professionally designed website that offers ease of navigation, and simple ways of donation. The easier it is to make a donation and see what that money is helping, the more dollars you will receive to spread your message.